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The ultimate team building activity!

Escape Room Buffalo is an exciting new puzzle game in Western New York! Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more information!!

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape the room game is a real life, interactive puzzle filled environment that challenges you to think your way out of a locked room. It’s an escape from the ordinary world. An adventure inside four walls. It’s not about your team’s survival, it’s about meeting a mental challenge and testing your skills.

Escape games can have all kinds of themes, goals, puzzles and stories, but they all conform to a certain set of rules. You are in an unusual space. You have to explore. You’re under time pressure. You must to solve your way out.

At Escape Room Buffalo, all of our games and rooms are family and HR appropriate, safe, and free of any dark, mature or scary content.

Your team will find hidden objects, make creative leaps, crack codes, solve puzzles and discover secrets that stand between you and your final solution.

Can you get to the exit before time runs out?

Can you get to the exit before time runs out?

Your team is your greatest asset, and your biggest challenge. Only by working together, communicating and using your time wisely will you find the items, tools and answers to win.

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